Sunday, November 23, 2008

Promote, Promote and Promote

We are now in the middle of the holiday shopping season. This is my favorite time of year. It has always seemed magical to me and being a crafter, it has always been very hectic. More so this year as having a web presence requires constant promoting of ones site or sites. I have been on the Etsy forums non-stop learning about different areas to promote and I thank all of the posters for their input and knowledge.

So far, I have used Own the Hour, Twitter (which I love and has become addictive), Google Shopping Results and I just started a Flickr page today.

Own The Hour is a brilliant idea and great way to advertise. I have not had any sales from the ads but I plan to continue to advertise with them because of the low cost and the exposure. I see Own the Hour growing to great heights.

Twitter already has exploded and for me is one the best free advertising I've seen so far. Although I like it as an interesting, instant conversation area, it also is great to announce when you just listed or renewed an item on your site.

I've also listed my shops in Google Shopping Results and I hope that is produces results for me. GoTo, a seller on Etsy posted really good information on how to sign up for Google Shopping Results in Etsy's business forum. Although alot of my items have cutesy titles, I am not sure that will work well with Google Shopping Results. I am not able to make the titles more generic right now, that will take too much time.

I'm just learning about the benefit of a Flickr account. Dottyral, another Etsy seller submitted this informative post on the Etsy forum. I'm learning the more exposure, the better.

So today will be another day of crafting and promoting. Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays !!!


Christmas Tree Earrings

This contest begins Today, November 23rd and ends Friday, December 5th.

The wininner will be posted on Saturday, December 6th.

Cute and adorable handmade wire Christmas tree earrings. Green aluminum wire with Swarovski crystals at the top of the tree with sterling or gold filled ear wires.
I can't wait to give away these cute holiday earrings!!!


Digital Misfit said...

I am also a Twitter addict, and plan to check out Own The Hour when my shop opens in the new year.
I love those little Christmas Tree earrings - very modern and unique style.
I am already a blog follower :)

Best of luck with your holiday sales!

CAT Productions said...

Those are beautiful earrings!

Good luck with all the promotions. Keep us updated about what works.