Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints and All Souls Day

November 1st is all All Saints Day, November 2nd, All Souls Day and I am dedicating this blog to my Father, friends and family who, to me, were Saints in this life but are now gone.

My Father was, for all my life, the most important person to me and the one I loved more than anyone. He's been gone 10 years now but I still miss him so very much.

Leon Guisburg
1926 - 1998

I also dedicate this blog to the memory of both my Grandmother's who gave me the creative genes, my favorite Aunts, Laura, Cinnie and Aunt Cleo. My Grandfathers, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that I never met and those that were in my life for a short time. My friends that are gone too soon, my best friend Bernice, a true Saint and Rita too, Ernestine, Ann, Sherri, Debbie, Ozzie, Dave and sooo many more that I can't think of because I'm being overwhelmed with sweet memories.

Please feel free to leave a memorial comment about your loved ones. If you would like to post a photo, email the photo to me at and I will post the picture.

***************Good Luck!!!***************


Victoria Ann said...

What a beautiful post. Such a lovely photo of your late father a handsome man with kind eyes.

Digital Misfit said...

A beautiful post. My father has been gone 10 years now as well, and I still miss him every day.

jozie said...

Your father was a handsome man. I have a great respect for anyone in uniform. Your post does justice to those you care about.
My best friend (we joked that we were twins seperated at birth) has been gone 5 years this week. I miss him every day of it. He was just ten days from turning 21.