Friday, July 1, 2011

New Movie on YouTube

Just uploaded this new video comprised of earrings created the first half of 2011.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the NEWS

Wow - what a week in the news for Science and Sci-Fi enthusiasts.

Noah's Ark FOUND!!!!??? I've always loved and believed the story whether it is told by the Sumarians in the Epic of Gilgimesh or the Great Flood story in the Book of Genesis, chapters 6-9. The thought has been for many years that it is on Turkey's Mt Ararat and this week an expedition of Chinese missionaries claim to have proof that they have found the actual Ark and are currently excavating in the area. If this is true, it would prove that the beloved Bible story and the cunieform tablets are true and correct. This is so exciting, but already skeptic are questioning the validity of this claim.

What about the highly acclaimed scientist Stephen Hawking stating aliens are real and indeed if they came to earth, humans would end up as did the indigenous inhabitants of the north and South Americas when the Spaniards and Eurpoeans arrived. Now that is extremely scary.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

OIL OF OREGANO - One of My Favoite Little Herbal Remedies

I always rave about Oil of Oregano. I discovered it a few years ago. Actually, back when the latest viral scare was the bird flu. It is a vey potent immune system booster as stated in the description at Penn Herbs.

My favorite use for Oregano Oil is for burns. It totally takes the sting out of a mild household burn. Last week I burned my finger on the inside of the toaster oven. The burn turned my skin instantly white. I ran unstairs, grabbed a bandaid a dropped two drops of Oregano Oil on the bandage part and put it on my finger. Instantly the stinging burning sensation was gone. I was able to continue cooking without my finger burning in water or when close to heat.

Yesterday morning I burned my tongue on super hot coffee. I hate burrning my tongue. I put one drop of the Oregano Oil on my tongue and it really burned. The Oregano Oil has it's own heat but it only lasts for a minute or so. I rinsed my tongue and about five minutes later, I was able to drink my coffee (cooling it off first, of course) without even the slightest hint that I had burned my tongue. I was amazed.

Then the same day, I wore my favorite shoes without socks, I absolutely hate wearing socks. When I took the shoes off I had a very sensitive blister right on the ball of my foot. I had planned to walk to pick up Tommy from school but that dang blister was hurting like mad. After I drove to the school, I came home and remembered how the Oregano Oil stopped my burning tongue earlier this morning, I decided to ty it on my foot. I rubbed two drops directly on the ball of my left foot and rested for about a half hour. When I woke up, I was hesitant to put pressure on my foot due to the sensitivity but when I did, the pain was gone. I was thinking, wow, this stuff is great.

Other uses I have tried, a little mixed with cocoa butter softens heels, elbows, etc.
A drop or two mixed with olive oil helps pain I sometimes have in my wrists and hands. And a drop mixed with olive oil really helps an itchy scalp. When using on skin, it's best to mix with another milder oil as Oregano Oil has heat. Never put it anywhere near mucous membranes or eyes. Another use I have read about is reducing inflamation of gums. Just be careful when ingesting Oregano Oil. The heat can aggravate GURD or heartburn/acid reflux.

I buy Oregano Oil at the local Penn Herb store. I love spending my lunchtime browsing the products and learning about teas and herbs.

Time to Revamp the Blog

Whew. It's really been awhile since I've even visited my own blog. So much has happened in my life this year. Lots of good and some bad, some even very, very sad. But one thing I've learned is that life truly goes on despite how you feel or what is happening. Although I'm dealing with alot, my creative mind continues to function at full speed. I am so thankful for that. Speaking of things I am thankful for, I plan to make the little things that I come across or that happen in my life that I am thankful for a weekly blog post. After all, being thankful keeps us grounded.

I also plan to feature an interesting, fun, innovative, new product or just plain good idea, webpage or blogpost.

All of these will be sprinkled in with posts about me, the jewelry and crafts that I make and a little about my family.

Well, it's almost noon and time to really start my day. Check back later as I will have a post about a item that I just can't do without.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally made ETSY's Front Page - YIPEE

Most Etsy sellers know how hard it is to actually get their items featured on the front page - aka the home page. The true benefit is exposure (of course) but making the front page is like a rite of passage. It sort of says "I've Arrived".

It took me two years to make it and I'm very thankful to
SimplyMaisy for putting my Marvelous Mauve Hoop Earrings in her Treasury.

Take a look at the beautiful items she chose on Christmas Day that made the front page on December 27, 2009.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Romance is in the Air

Romantic Flower Earrings, that is. I have fallen in love with these flower earrings. It took forever for the beads to arrive and when they finally did, I immediately started making earrings. To my surprise, the designs took over and pretty much created themselves. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Karma Ramblings

Karma - does it work because you believe in it? I've always wondered about that. And today reminded me to wonder some more. I did the slightest, smallest thing to someone, not even directly, they would never even know that I did it and bam, literally, something not so good happened to me. I hit someone's car in a parking lot of my job. No damage that I could see but I contacted the owner of the car for them to inspect just in case. Of course, I can attribute the bump to rushing, which I was but none the less, it still happened almost immediately after I did this teeny thing. And it's so strange how what I consider to be a minor indescretion immediately popped in my mind as if to say "back at ya". I'm in the car fussing at and laughing at myself. Is this how the universe works??? What's it take to really understand this stuff??? A degree in cause and effect. Did I cause this to happen to me??? What about the person who's car I hit??? What karmically did they do today to get their car hit??? The lesson that I got out of this is - don't even do the teeniest of something wrong - period. And yes, when I got home, I rectified my minor indescretion just to stay on Karma's good side.