Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day is Done, Time to Shop til You Drop

Here we are, in my favorite season, finally. The time when you see happy faces and poeple just smile more and act friendly. I love it.

Will you be going out braving the crowds at the 5,6 and 7AM sales? I plan to go as early as possible. I am going shopping for myself. Yep, for me. First stop JoAnns, then ACMoore and maybe Michaels. I saw a post in Twitter that Michaels was open tonight. I was unaware of that. Oh well, I'm all geard up for tomorrow. I will report back with any great deals that I was able to get and I hope you will stop back and make a post on your best deals. For those that may remember, as Betty and Wilma used to say "CHARGE IT!!!!"

Thanks for stopping by here are a few new items posted to my ShopHandmade and Etsy Shops.

Its been so cold, all I can think of are hats and scarves. For more information about these items, please click on the picture link in the column to your left.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Promote, Promote and Promote

We are now in the middle of the holiday shopping season. This is my favorite time of year. It has always seemed magical to me and being a crafter, it has always been very hectic. More so this year as having a web presence requires constant promoting of ones site or sites. I have been on the Etsy forums non-stop learning about different areas to promote and I thank all of the posters for their input and knowledge.

So far, I have used Own the Hour, Twitter (which I love and has become addictive), Google Shopping Results and I just started a Flickr page today.

Own The Hour is a brilliant idea and great way to advertise. I have not had any sales from the ads but I plan to continue to advertise with them because of the low cost and the exposure. I see Own the Hour growing to great heights.

Twitter already has exploded and for me is one the best free advertising I've seen so far. Although I like it as an interesting, instant conversation area, it also is great to announce when you just listed or renewed an item on your site.

I've also listed my shops in Google Shopping Results and I hope that is produces results for me. GoTo, a seller on Etsy posted really good information on how to sign up for Google Shopping Results in Etsy's business forum. Although alot of my items have cutesy titles, I am not sure that will work well with Google Shopping Results. I am not able to make the titles more generic right now, that will take too much time.

I'm just learning about the benefit of a Flickr account. Dottyral, another Etsy seller submitted this informative post on the Etsy forum. I'm learning the more exposure, the better.

So today will be another day of crafting and promoting. Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays !!!


Christmas Tree Earrings

This contest begins Today, November 23rd and ends Friday, December 5th.

The wininner will be posted on Saturday, December 6th.

Cute and adorable handmade wire Christmas tree earrings. Green aluminum wire with Swarovski crystals at the top of the tree with sterling or gold filled ear wires.
I can't wait to give away these cute holiday earrings!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Saints and All Souls Day

November 1st is all All Saints Day, November 2nd, All Souls Day and I am dedicating this blog to my Father, friends and family who, to me, were Saints in this life but are now gone.

My Father was, for all my life, the most important person to me and the one I loved more than anyone. He's been gone 10 years now but I still miss him so very much.

Leon Guisburg
1926 - 1998

I also dedicate this blog to the memory of both my Grandmother's who gave me the creative genes, my favorite Aunts, Laura, Cinnie and Aunt Cleo. My Grandfathers, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins that I never met and those that were in my life for a short time. My friends that are gone too soon, my best friend Bernice, a true Saint and Rita too, Ernestine, Ann, Sherri, Debbie, Ozzie, Dave and sooo many more that I can't think of because I'm being overwhelmed with sweet memories.

Please feel free to leave a memorial comment about your loved ones. If you would like to post a photo, email the photo to me at and I will post the picture.

***************Good Luck!!!***************

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Should I continue to make items that I like that are not selling???

I've been making an item that I love and think is absolutely beautiful but it is not selling. I like to have at least a dozen pieces of an item but at what point should I stop making the item if it is not selling??? I think once this item catches on it will sell but I am also cautious of having too much stale inventory. At what point do you stop making items that are not selling???

New items I've recently completely.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are Wrist Watches Passe' ???

Yesterday I found a beautiful dress watch that my I had received as a gift many years a go. I never wore it. I had been relying on my cell phone for years to give me the correct time and had long since stopped wearing watches. I looked at it and thought, that's a really nice watch, but quickly returned it to the back of the cabinet. I can't think of many people that wear watches anymore. My mom has her dress watches and then she has her “everyday watch”. She only uses her cell phone for long distance calls and would never take it out of her purse just to see the time. I squint to see the teeny-tiny numbers on mine several times a day, even at home where there's a digital clock on practically everything. So what do you think, are wrist watches really passe' ???

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do you use affirmations?

Many people use affirmations to manifest the things they want in life. Some also claim miraculous life changes through affirmations. It is the subject of many books, going back as far as What a Man Thinketh, The Power of the Subconscious Mind, Think and Grow Rich and most recently The Secret. I'm currently reading Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life. I love it. I have tried affirmations and twice it has worked for me but not every time. Have you tried affirmations? Have the use of affirmations been beneficial in your life. Please share your experiences with affirmations and list which books that have helped you the most.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Hi - Welcome to Cleopatra's Closet

Thank you for stopping by my new blog. Like any new blogger, I have high hopes!!! I'd like this blog to be about a variety of subjects, hopefully ones that appeal to vast audiences. I would really like to see it evolve on it's own. I hope you will join in with me, share your perspective and stop back often to see what the conversation is about. I'm diving into this “blog scene” head first so if I'm making any major faux pas, please let me know.

A bit about me, I'm a mother of 2. A daughter age 30 and a son age 7. I know, that's a big stretch but they both mean everything to me. It seems as soon as one was leaving the nest, the stork dropped another one in. My first passion is crafting and my second is writing. I craft all the time and will sometimes share photos of my creations in progress. I will also have a bi-weekly contest give-away of one of my creations. Every time you post a reply, you will receive an entry into the bi-weekly contest. Become a "follower" of this blog and you will receive two entries for every posted reply. That's a super easy way to win a very nice free prize!!!

I am dedicated to having fun with this blog and hopefully will meet lots of new people along the journey so please come in to my little closet, cluttered as it may be, introduce yourself and join in on today's discussion.


Goddess Beaded Bezel Ring

This contest begins Saturday, October 18th and ends Friday, October 31st.

The wininner will be posted on Saturday, November 1st.

Goddess Beaded Bezel Ring - Beautiful, African opal surrounded by a handbeaded bezel made with 11/0 multicolored iridescent seedbeads. This gorgeous ring will be custom made in your size. Remember, each posted reply receives one entry and each follower's posted reply receives 2 entries!!! I can't wait to give away my first free prize!!!