Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My CRAFTCULT Heartomatic Ad

I had read an awful lot of posts about the new CraftCult Heartomatic site where you could check at-a-glance the number of new hearts on your Etsy site and also who hearted you. I admit, before I learned about the site, I rarely ever checked my hearts.
Well, now I find myself checking my hearts once if not twice a day and the more I read about CraftCult on the etsy forums, I decided to purchase a the four day carousel ad. The price is reasonable for the amount of exposure received. What I like most about the carousel ad is that you get to advertise four items, a different item each day. The views on the items that I listed soared and I received 14 hearts while the ad was running. According to my GoogleAnalytic stats, the Heartomatic ad directed 98 visits to my site. I sold one item during the 4-5 day period. I was a little disappointed because my goal was to sell at least an item a day.
Overall I am very happy with the ad and I plan to place another ad in the next week or so with hopefully better results. The CraftCult staff are exceptional and very helpful. It was a real pleasure doing business with them. I highly recommend running an ad on Craftcult Heartomatic.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Your work is SO intricate...beautiful!

Cleopatra's Closet said...

WE BLOG ARTISTS - Thanks so much. I love doing tiny, detailed work. It keeps me sane !!!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your Craftcult ad experience. I've been thinking about doing it.


Cleopatra's Closet said...

Hi Linda, although I only had one sale, I may try it again but for the week on a sidebar ad. The folks that run the site are really nice.