Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Karma Ramblings

Karma - does it work because you believe in it? I've always wondered about that. And today reminded me to wonder some more. I did the slightest, smallest thing to someone, not even directly, they would never even know that I did it and bam, literally, something not so good happened to me. I hit someone's car in a parking lot of my job. No damage that I could see but I contacted the owner of the car for them to inspect just in case. Of course, I can attribute the bump to rushing, which I was but none the less, it still happened almost immediately after I did this teeny thing. And it's so strange how what I consider to be a minor indescretion immediately popped in my mind as if to say "back at ya". I'm in the car fussing at and laughing at myself. Is this how the universe works??? What's it take to really understand this stuff??? A degree in cause and effect. Did I cause this to happen to me??? What about the person who's car I hit??? What karmically did they do today to get their car hit??? The lesson that I got out of this is - don't even do the teeniest of something wrong - period. And yes, when I got home, I rectified my minor indescretion just to stay on Karma's good side.

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