Thursday, April 29, 2010

In the NEWS

Wow - what a week in the news for Science and Sci-Fi enthusiasts.

Noah's Ark FOUND!!!!??? I've always loved and believed the story whether it is told by the Sumarians in the Epic of Gilgimesh or the Great Flood story in the Book of Genesis, chapters 6-9. The thought has been for many years that it is on Turkey's Mt Ararat and this week an expedition of Chinese missionaries claim to have proof that they have found the actual Ark and are currently excavating in the area. If this is true, it would prove that the beloved Bible story and the cunieform tablets are true and correct. This is so exciting, but already skeptic are questioning the validity of this claim.

What about the highly acclaimed scientist Stephen Hawking stating aliens are real and indeed if they came to earth, humans would end up as did the indigenous inhabitants of the north and South Americas when the Spaniards and Eurpoeans arrived. Now that is extremely scary.

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