Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time to Revamp the Blog

Whew. It's really been awhile since I've even visited my own blog. So much has happened in my life this year. Lots of good and some bad, some even very, very sad. But one thing I've learned is that life truly goes on despite how you feel or what is happening. Although I'm dealing with alot, my creative mind continues to function at full speed. I am so thankful for that. Speaking of things I am thankful for, I plan to make the little things that I come across or that happen in my life that I am thankful for a weekly blog post. After all, being thankful keeps us grounded.

I also plan to feature an interesting, fun, innovative, new product or just plain good idea, webpage or blogpost.

All of these will be sprinkled in with posts about me, the jewelry and crafts that I make and a little about my family.

Well, it's almost noon and time to really start my day. Check back later as I will have a post about a item that I just can't do without.

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