Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Should I continue to make items that I like that are not selling???

I've been making an item that I love and think is absolutely beautiful but it is not selling. I like to have at least a dozen pieces of an item but at what point should I stop making the item if it is not selling??? I think once this item catches on it will sell but I am also cautious of having too much stale inventory. At what point do you stop making items that are not selling???

New items I've recently completely.

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Leslie said...

I had this same question so i bought myself a .net. I*ve sold all of the pieces i didnt think I*d sale. I had a few people tell me they didn't want to sign up for etsy so they order through paypal on my website.

Digital Misfit said...

I think you should definitely keep making items you love, and if they arent selling well, then just keep promoting them! Eventually the people who SHOULD own them will notice them.

on a more annoying note: youve been tagged!