Saturday, January 31, 2009

BeadFest Wire is Coming !!!

I buy beads any and everywhere I find them but my favorite place to buy is BEADFEST!!! BeadFest Wire is coming to my area May 1st for three days. This time I plan to go at least two days. The first day, alone, the second day I am planning to go with beadie friends. Hopefully we will stay for the Moonlight Bead In after the show. At the bead in, you can bring a project to work on and get a chance to mingle with other fellow beaders, the Interweave Editors and BeadFest staff.

The first time I went to BeadFest, I was overwhelmed. There were so many vendors, so many beads and so many customers. I spent too much on impulsive purchases and did not really realize how much money I wasted until I got home. The silver beads I used in these earrings were $15.00 a tube. They are sterling silver lined. I cannot believe I paid that much for the beads. They look exactly the same as metallic silver beads that cost half as much. That is why I have decided to do my homework before going this year.

This time I am planning for BeadFest early on. First, I will write down all of the colors of wire and beads I need and the ones that I have so as not to buy what I do not need. I will also note the sizes of beads and wire.

Second, I will calculate my budget as follows:

Decide on the amount to spend with specific vendors. These are vendors I have purchased from before and I love their items or need additional beads to complete a specific item. These include my favorites for seed beads and wire. Make a list of these vendors and as soon as I get the show floor plan, then highlight their location.

Allocate an amount for miscellaneous supplies, i.e. findings, threads, needles and any hard to find items. Try to keep this amount in the $20.00 range.

Next, allocate the amount for new items. Look for items that are trendy but stand out.

Last, allow a little extra for items I cannot pass up.

I prefer to go the very first day of the show. It is not as crowded as on the weekend and I can take my time. I plan to do a preliminary walk through of the entire show. Take a pen and pad and write down the vendors and items I want to buy. Keep a running total of purchases to stay within budget.

On the second walk through, make purchases.

Hopefully, there will be a little left in the budget to spend when I go back on the second day with my beadie buddies.

Either way, I'll have lots more beads to make lots more jewelry!!!


jinx1764 said...

You have far more patience for beading than I do! Great work!

Cleopatra's Closet said...

jinx1764 Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. I totally enjoy beading. It is soooo relaxing. I love your feathered friends mementos. They are beautiful. I had a cockatiel just like your Bebe. He was with us for 17 years. I miss him terribly. My mom still has his dad and three brothers. His dad, Ducky has to be over 20 years old. My Dad raised Cockatiels. I grew up with birds and it was so much fun.